Privacy policy

  1. Company information

This privacy policy applies to the website, which is owned and operated by the company (The data controller):

Siala Copenhagen ApS
Rundholtsvej 111
2300 Copenhagen S
Cvr. nr. 41702036

Siala Copenhagen ApS processes a number of personal information about its customers (The registered person).


  1. Which personal information does Siala Copenhagen ApS process

Siala Copenhagen ApS, processes online customers’ contact information (name, address, telephone number and e-mail), purchase history and incoming e-mails from the customer.

Siala Copenhagen ApS also processes information about the website user’s digital behavior when Siala Copenhagen ApS uses cookies on the website. You can read more about how Siala Copenhagen ApS  process personal information and use cookies in our cookie policy here: cookie policy.


  1. The purpose

The processing takes place when confirming orders, delivering goods, collecting payments, providing customer service and making credit.

Siala Copenhagen ApS uses the information about the individual online customer’s purchases to obtain general statistical knowledge about the online customers behavior to develop and improve Siala Copenhagen ApS’s, range and offers.


  1. The legal basis

The legal basis for the processing is EU’s Data Protection Regulation (contractual relationship).

The legal basis for the processing is EU’s Data Protection Regulation (balancing of interests), with regards to the processing of personal data for statistical purposes which do not relate to the use of cookie data. Siala Copenhagen ApS legitimate interest in optimising its online store, product range, offerings, digital platform and services takes precedence over the data subject’s privacy and right of freedom, as such it must be considered a reasonable expectation by customers that Siala Copenhagen ApS, does such statistical processing.


  1. Retention period

Personal information about customers in Siala Copenhagen ApS online store is deleted no later than 3 years after the most recent delivery has been made, canceled or a pending case has been completed. Accountable information about a purchase or credit is deleted when 5 years have elapsed from the end of the year of purchase or credit.


  1. Rights of the data subject

In relation to Siala Copenhagen ApS ‘processing of personal data, the data subject has the right to:

  • to gain insight into which personal information Siala Copenhagen ApS processes
  • to have personal information deleted, which Siala Copenhagen ApS processes
  • to correct, limit or complain to Siala Copenhagen ApS ‘processing of personal data
  • to transfer personal information from Siala Copenhagen ApS to another data controller
  • to complain to Datatilsynet

It is important to emphasise that it is not always possible to comply with request to delete personal data, as Siala Copenhagen ApS may have a factual reason to retain the personal information or may be required to store the personal information in accordance with other legislation.

Inquiries regarding insight, deletion, correction, restriction, objection to or transfer of personal information at Siala Copenhagen ApS can be directed to:


  1. Disclosure of personal information

Siala Copenhagen ApS passes on customers’ names, addresses and telephone numbers to the extent necessary to carriers for the purpose of being able to complete an agreed delivery of goods.

Siala Copenhagen ApS does not pass on other personal information unless it is a legal requirement or necessary to fulfill an agreement that Siala Copenhagen ApS has entered with the individual customer.


  1. Data Processors and Third Country Transfers

Siala Copenhagen ApS does not use data processors or transfer data to third countries.


Revision 4.0
Date: February 2nd, 2021