SAGA Bluetooth speaker

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We make the speaker in the material combination you wish. At Siala we combine great design with components from modern technology.

Please note, when you choose corian as top/bottom, you are also choosing the wood type for your bass port, and potential handle.

Walnut and black leather without grip is delivered before christmas if you order the before 19th of december.
Rest is delivered in 15-30 days.

Se above for delivery times

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The SAGA speaker is crafted with exclusive materials at our workshop in Copenhagen. We use natural materials, like wood and Italian leather, and corian – a material, known from the furniture industry, which is great for speakers, because its high durability.

Focus on detail

At Siala, our philosophy is stunning design without any compromise, regardless of any desire. The rear panel is decorated with brushed brass, which gives your speaker an elegant touch. In the panel you’ll also find the built-in LED indicators, AUX plug-in and power input.

We carefully select and cut the timber for your speaker at our own workshop in Copenhagen. We use only the best components and thoroughly check every speaker, so we know it’s perfect.

The technology

We work with the newest and most innovative technology developing our speakers. They are made with touch buttons, so you simply hover your fingers over the engraved symbols on your speaker to use it.

If you have two Siala speakers in your home, you can connect them both simultaneously. The speakers even have an indoor- and outdoor setting, so the sound is always at its best.

Sound in the center

Through the entire process we’ve been focusing on the sound. The core of the speaker is made with high-quality Birch plywood. Birch is a superior wood due to its strength and ability to transmit energy outward!

Combined with our matrix bracing, it makes the cabinet strong and isolated. In addition, our use of various materials does a great job cleaning out the troublesome energy. The tone is pure and removes the frequencies, which can irritate the ear.

Finally, the brain behind it all, our wonderful amplifier. This specially produced beauty works in harmony living up to our rigorous requirements. Together with our first-class speaker units, it delivers an unsurpassed sound experience!

Siala care pack

When you receive your special speaker, you’ll also get a Siala care pack. This helps maintain the materials of your SAGA speaker, to keep them nice and fresh.

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32 x 21 x 21 cm


6.5 kg


18.5 V – 4500 mah Lithium Ion


8-24 hours


Bluetooth 4.2 or 3.5 mm stereo jack


4 channel, 200W class-d PurePathTM smart amp with powerful dsp

Speaker configuration

2 x 4" woofers+ 2 x 0,75" silk membrane quality tweeters

Frequency response

43-20.000 hz